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How it works

Harriet Photography offers 3 different portrait sessions.  Click the circles below to find out which one suits you.




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Shooting and processing style

I create images that are full of feeling and character and have a high level of technical accuracy.

I value sharp focus, creative composition, accurate skin tones and getting heaps of personality into the frame.  To achieve this, consistently across a whole shoot, my kit has to be top-notch, professional and super responsive. Particularly as most of my subjects are fast-moving!

I have spent years building my skills and knowledge so I can shoot the quality of work I believe families should be able to have in their homes.

I process images with an eye to the future as I want portraits to stand up over time and not just appeal in the moment, therefore, I steer clear of applying heavy filters.

I began my photography career working with a film camera and assisting in a black and white lab in Old Street, London, where many Magnum photographers took their work.  I was able to see (and handle!) the prints and negatives of well-known photographers.  It was a wonderful experience experimenting with film and darkroom printing.

My portrait work is inspired by the light airy qualities of Fuji film, the warm skin tones you can achieve with Portra film and the contrast and beautiful grain of black and white films.  I don’t manage to shoot film at the moment but I will again one day….for now I incorporate these beautiful features into my digital processing whenever I can.


Session dates and times

For family and child sessions I shoot in the morning as the sun is rising and in the late afternoon as the sun is setting.  This is the best time for soft directional light.  If we are lucky we’ll have some golden sunlight at the end of the day, depending on the season and the weather.  You can decide on either a morning or afternoon/early evening (in the summer).  I am able to shoot at other times of day however these are the best for soft light and would be my recommendation.

I tend to work with the following as a guide:

Summer  7-8am earliest morning start time/ 8pm evening finish time.

Winter 10-11am earliest morning start time/ 3pm afternoon finish time.

For Mini Sessions I shoot all day.


I use online booking forms with a client agreement and model release.  This is a simple, paperless system which is good for trees!



I accept cash, cheque or bank transfer.  Once payment for the session has been received the time and date is confirmed as yours.  Unfortunately I cannot hold dates until payment has been received.  As good weather and availability can be in short supply, I work on a first come first served basis.



If you are ill or the weather is awful then we will not get the best images so rescheduling is essential and there is no extra charge.  Unfortunately I can’t guarantee sunshine for every family so if the weather is workable we will continue the session. Cloudy windswept days make for exciting moments and dramatic images. Weather, nature and people are the main ingredients in my work so my philosophy is the more dynamic the weather and backdrop the more interesting your images will be.

I keep an eye on the forecast leading up to a shoot and will confirm just beforehand and will adjust timing a little if needs be.



I have a stash of favourite outdoor locations in the Abingdon and Oxfordshire area which I can suggest for your child or family session.  I’m a natural light photographer who specialises in outdoor portraits and although I work with other types of light for certain jobs, for family portraits clients I request that we shoot outdoors.  The benefits are beautiful backgrounds, natural light and free-ranging children who laugh louder and move more with all the space and fresh air around them! This energy is wonderful for photographs.



The online form is the starting point for the session plan, followed by a conversation over the phone to discuss clothing, props and location.



I love to travel to new places! Please contact me to find out about travel costs. Travel is included for sessions within a 10 km radius from Abingdon.



Image galleries are normally ready within 2 weeks. I set the gallery live for 2 weeks and I will check in after one week to see how the choosing is going.  I will give you a reminder of when the gallery will expire so you can be sure make your final decision in time.  I ask clients to help me by completing their order within the 2 weeks.



Standard colour and tone adjustments are applied to all gallery images.  These proofs are presented as either colour or black and white images depending on how I decide to process them.  In a few cases a version of both will be available for you to see in the gallery as the result is equally good in each format.

The gallery proofs are not finished images, although they look good enough to view, they are not print quality yet.  The session packages each contain a set of high-resolution images which have been given the full treatment.  These are ready to print, high quality images with fine detailed custom retouching.  This retouching service can be applied to additional images as required from £40 per image.



I keep your images for 6 months. After this time they must be DELETED otherwise my archive will become huge!  I will notify you before deletion. If you wish you can arrange for the images to be archived for longer. Please ask me for details about the cost of doing this.  If you can’t decide you can purchase the entire set of gallery proofs for £75.



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