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Images from the first two shoots with artist Annie Sloan. I photographed Annie at the Annie Sloan headquarters in Oxford.  We used the workshop room which is an exciting space with wonderful light.  Being in a creative place like that brought back vivid memories of art school and I suddenly felt like a student and right at home.

I have never used Annie Sloan Chalkpaint™ so during the workshop shoot I learned a great deal about the paint and techniques for working with it.

The last image of Annie in her conservatory was shot for publication in her regular Reloved Magazine column. I’ve loved being asked back and will post more images from the next 2 sessions.

Annie Sloan_chalkpaint_9.JPG
Annie Sloan_chalkpaint_8.JPG
Annie Sloan_chalkpaint_3.JPG
Annie Sloan_chalkpaint_4.JPG
Annie Sloan_chalkpaint_5.JPG
Annie Sloan_chalkpaint_6.JPG
Annie Sloan_chalkpaint_2.JPG
Annie Sloan_chalkpaint_14.JPG
Annie Sloan_chalkpaint_15.JPG

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Last week I spent half an hour in a field with some homemade garlands and a family I know very well as longstanding and long-suffering test shoot models. I have it on good authority that they LOVE doing these shoots though. This time the children were fascinated by the homemade head-gear and wanted to know how to make their own. My huge thanks to all including their wonderful Mum!

May_Mini Session_2015_4 May_Mini Session_2015_20 May_Mini Session_2015_29 May_Mini Session_2015_35 May_Mini Session_2015_37




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