Harriet Photography » Children's photographer located in Oxfordshire, specialising in natural child and family portraits, set in beautiful outdoor locations




I’m Harriet; I’m a Mum and portrait photographer. Family life is what I value most and therefore what I photograph. My work is about connection and the experience of being a family.I’m extremely fortunate as we live near my parents and I’m married to my best friend who makes me laugh, makes me tea in the morning and makes me very happy because he’s all round amazing and thankfully, shares my homemade approach to life. We are parents to an awesome small person who is an inventor of imaginative machines for making life brighter and happier and also of booby traps! He would certainly build the whole world out of lego if he could. LF_PullQuote_family
Other things on my love list include camping, Friday night burger nights, a cuppa with my folks, homegrown anythings, homemade anythings and simple, beautiful everyday stuff. The things that are free but most valuable.

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